Circuit Breaker Safety

Each year many Americans are injured in and around their homes. Unsafe conditions such as overloaded circuits and damaged insulation as well as the misuse of extension cords and electrical products create fire hazards and may result in electrocutions.

Circuit Breaker Panel Potential Electrical Hazards and Their Symptoms

  • Power Outages fuses need replacement or circuit breakers need resetting frequently
  • Overrated Panel electrical panel contains fuses or circuit breakers rated at higher currents than the ampacity (current capacity) of their branch circuits, some times called “overamped” or “overfused”
  • Dim/Flickering lights dim or the size of your television picture LIGHTS shrinks often
  • Arcs or Sparks bright light flashes or showers of sparks anywhere in your electrical system
  • Sizzles/Buzzes unusual sounds from the electrical system
  • Overheating parts of your electrical system, such as switch plates, wall outlet covers, cords and plugs may be warm. These should never be hot-painful to touch, or discolored from heat
  • Permanently using rctensions to extend the home wiring system for a long period,
  • Installed instead of being used temporarily to connect some item
  • Appliances with a cord too short to reach the wall outlet
  • Loose Plugs attachment plugs that wobble or pull out of a wall outlet easily
  • Damaged cut, broken, or cracked insulation

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